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    TK Photography is a Contemporary Photography Company, based in Chicago IL. We shoot exclusively on-location to capture you in environments that represent you, your child, or your family.  We are designed to follow your life through every milestone and stage.   Our portfolio includes, maternity, newborn, family portrait sessions, engagement sessions, weddings, and various family events. We aim to capture genuine laughs, smiles, hugs, and moments. Your collection of photographs from us will reflect our unique style and your unique personality.

    Head Photographer

    I have been practicing photography since I was in high school. My first camera was a film camera. I would by film in hundred foot rolls and make my own individual rolls of film to use in the camera. I spent countless hours in dark rooms engaged in the developing and printing process. While I was in my undergrad at Lawrence Technological University, in Southfield, MI, for Architecture, I took photography classes and explored the many themes in photography. Originally, I primarily took photos of places and things. After a while I began to crave capturing life and people. For many years, I enjoyed photographing my family, friends, and strangers. After several request to photograph weddings and babies, I completed as internship with a local and very reputable media company. While there, I photographed everything from weddings to models, anything to get professional experience behind the camera, engaging with people.

    I love photographing people. Period. I am just as comfortable photographing a newborn as I am photographing a bride on her wedding day, or a dancer in his performance.

    My first digital camera was a point and shoot. I think it may have been one of the original digital cameras way back then. Most Smartphones would put my first digital camera to shame. Thankfully, I have up graded since then. I love shooting digitally because of the instant feedback. When I used film, I had to wait to see the image until I was in the dark room.  Now, I can see exactly what image I am getting as soon as I capture it.  Digital photography is also a much greener process. There are no chemicals involved, as there is with true film shooting. There are a lot of new techniques that are attainable with digital photography as well. We can even give your photos that grainy, film look with a filter.

    Photography aside, I have a great wife, Tiana. We have been married since 2008. We are pet-parents to a spunky lab-mix, Addie, and our rabbit Lotus. We love sitting at coffee shops, walking the beach at the end of our street, and camping. We hope that human children will be in our very near future.

    Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to capturing who you are.

    Photography Assistant and Office Manager

    I am a Michigan native, who has made Chicago my home. I graduated from Michigan State University with an undergraduate degree in Family Community Services with a specialization in Early Childhood Education. I am currently a Graduate Student at the Erikson Institute, a Graduate School in Child Development. I am in the Early Childhood Education program, leading to type 04 teaching certification with Bilingual-ESL Endorsement.

    I enjoy using my love of children, and my child development knowledge, to engage with them in this unique way. Photography allows me to capture their milestones and special moments, which gives me an even deep appreciation for the work that I do with children and families. I feel like TK Photography has given us the perfect opportunity to unite our backgrounds to expand how we get to work with people.

    In addition to my quest through graduate school, and my work with TK Photography, I have other affiliations and interests. I have danced all of my life.

    In my downtime, I enjoy reading and watching movies. I grew up playing the violin, and while I am a bit out of practice, I still maintain my great love of music and the arts. My violin is waiting in the closet for me to revisit my instrumental practice.

    I hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit about me! Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions!

    Partner and Photographer for

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