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TK Photography is so grateful to be able to do such important work with people and families.   As newborn photographers, we have had the unique opportunity to capture families as they welcome life into this world.  Most of our clients stay with us as their children grow, which gives us the privilege to get to know these children and capture their individuality over such a long time.  4 years ago we did our first Maternity session and it set us on an amazing adventure.

Your Photos

These days, we not only photograph children and families, we photograph all sorts of people following their dreams.  New business owners, aspiring artists, people in our community doing good for others, as well as families, have all had the moments that they will want to remember forever captured by us.  We know how great this feels, because we do it for ourselves as well.  We can’t tell you how many times we still look at our wedding photos, , our vacation photos, photos from the last Christmas we spent with Grandma Jackie, photos from when we took that long walk after a snow storm, or photos of us just hanging around the neighborhood.   We laugh, cry, and reminisce on where we have been and where we are headed. We photograph people through life’s journey, wherever that journey may lead.


As always, these photos are AMAZING!! I can’t wait to print these and add them to our walls. I just love how Thomas captures Anderson’s happy spirit! Thank you, thank you!!


Mom to 1 year old Anderson

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